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Will Dentures Feel Like Natural Teeth?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun05/06/2024

Discover the benefits of removable and implant-supported dentures at our clinic. See how we can restore confidence with this comfortable solution.


Can A Broken Dental Implant be Repaired?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun04/25/2024

Discover why dental implants break and how to prevent this damage from occurring. Contact us for implant repair or replacement options in Wareham, MA.


How Can A Dental Bridge Enhance Your Smile?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun03/09/2024

Enhance your smile with a dental bridge — an effective solution for missing teeth. Discover how advanced dentistry can restore your self-confidence.


How Long Can A Dental Crown Last?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun02/02/2024

Explore the average lifespan of dental crowns. Learn about the many factors influencing durability and discover how to achieve a long-lasting smile.


What Should I Do If My Dentures Become Loose?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun01/06/2024

Do you have loose dentures in Wareham, MA? Get tips about removable and implant-supported dentures here. Regain confidence in your smile again.


How Long Can a Dental Implant Last After Restoration?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun12/04/2023

Get a long-lasting smile with dental implants in Wareham. Learn essential tips for maintaining a dental restoration and call now for an appointment.


Can I Eat and Chew Normally After Getting a Dental Bridge?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun11/18/2023

Learn how dental bridges work and what to expect when eating after getting a restoration. Start the process of improving your smile in Wareham, MA.


What Can Cause a Dental Crown to Become Loose?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun10/07/2023

Discover why dental restoration is crucial for preserving tooth health. Dr. Fadi Zaknoun describes how we can address loose crowns and prevent issues.


How Long Can Dentures be Left Out of the Mouth?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun09/21/2023

Learn how long you can safely leave dentures out. Get expert guidance for full and partial dentures. Book your appointment for a healthier smile.


When Does A Dental Implant Need to Be Restored?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun08/26/2023

Extend the lifespan of your dental implant and enjoy a stronger, healthier smile that lasts with tips from a dental specialist at Cape Cod Dental.


When Is a Dental Bridge Needed?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun08/03/2023

Learn all about how dental bridges can help you maintain your oral health, restore the function of your smile, and prevent future dental problems.


Is it Possible to Get Cavities with a Dental Crown?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun06/27/2023

Dental crowns protect your teeth and improve your appearance, but the surrounding area can get cavities. Learn how we improve your dental health here.


Three Tips on How to Keep Your Dentures Clean at Home

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun05/28/2023

Achieve a fuller and more secure smile with natural-looking, custom-fit dentures after missing teeth.


How Much Time Can Dental Implant Restoration Take?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun04/29/2023

Dental implant restoration can take a bit of time, but it can greatly improve the health of your teeth and mouth.


How Can a Dental Bridge Become Loose?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun03/31/2023

Dental bridges may become loose if the surrounding teeth, gums, and jaw are not properly cared for.


Can a Damaged Tooth be Strengthened With a Dental Crown?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun02/28/2023

Dental crowns can help strengthen your tooth or teeth if you have moderate dental damage.


Should Dentures be Left in the Mouth While Sleeping?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun01/28/2023

Restore your oral health and achieve a brilliant smile with removable or implant-supported dentures.


When is Implant Restoration Needed?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun12/31/2022

If your dental implant is damaged, Dr. Zaknoun can help you determine if you need a replacement or if you simply need a restoration.


Are Dental Bridges Long-lasting?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun11/30/2022

Learn more about the lifespan of a dental bridge.


Will I Be Able to Chew Better with Dental Crowns?

Dr. Fadi Zaknoun10/29/2022

Dental crowns and other restorations can restore your ability to laugh, smile, talk, and chew with confidence.

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