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Dental implants provide support for artificial teeth, such as dentures, bridges, and crowns, allowing the wearer to eat and speak more comfortably and confidently. If you have an existing dental implant and your restoration has become damaged, broken, or cracked, this may affect your overall oral health. At Cape Cod Dental, Dr. Fadi Zaknoun can fix or replace a restoration on top of your dental implants. If you are experiencing problems with your dental implants, it's critical to get the issue examined right away before it becomes worse. Call our friendly and knowledgeable team today to schedule an appointment with Cape Cod Dental in Wareham, MA.

If an accident happens or time has affected the quality of your implants, dental implant restoration at Cape Cod Dental can provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Way to address breaks, cracks, and chips in implants
  • Quick, efficient method that is an alternative to new implants
  • Safe preventive appointment that checks your overall tooth/gum health
  • Restores all the functional and aesthetic benefits that your implants provide

Dental implants can take the place of any quantity of missing teeth, ranging from one tooth to a whole mouthful. You may need a restoration of your dental implant if it has become cracked or damaged. It is important to restore your implant as soon as you notice an issue so that it does not develop further and cause additional damage. If you have noticed damage to your dental implant, we encourage you to call Cape Cod Dental in Wareham, MA for a proper evaluation.

When you arrive at our Wareham, MA practice, you will be seen by Dr. Zaknoun who will examine your dental implants, restorations, and oral health. If the underlying damage is due to decay or periodontal (gum) disease, the team at Cape Cod Dental will create a custom plan to heal the area before it spreads or worsens. Broken, cracked, or loose restorations due to injury will also be thoroughly examined before we determine your options for care. Our team will educate you about the damage, what treatments are needed, and schedule follow-up appointments as necessary.

Depending on what treatments are needed to restore your dental implant at Cape Cod Dental, you may experience some minor swelling and discomfort afterward. Our team will provide all necessary aftercare instructions to help the area heal as quickly as possible. When you come to Cape Cod Dental for regular dental cleanings, our team will use special dental tools to polish your implants and monitor the state of your restorations. It is important to catch any issues with your implant as early as possible to preserve the health and functionality of your smile.

The staff is always friendly, punctual and caring. Dr. Zaknoun is very professional and knowledgeable.

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The only dentist that I've looked forward to my appointments. This visit had my 6 teeth cleaned and was a pain free and ... Read More

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A highly competent team with a caring and mild-mannered approach. They make dental visits as good as they can possibly ... Read More

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Joanne always does a great job cleaning and she takes extra care to prevent any pain. Dr Zaknoun is the best. I've been to a lot of dentists and have lived in many states and he has excellent skills.

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Always a great experience!!

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A dental implant restoration is an excellent option for your teeth that's not only durable but easy to clean and take care of for years after the procedure. Dr. Zaknoun will happily assist you in understanding the process to see if this is the right option. Talk to a team member to schedule an appointment to learn more about dental implants.

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What Should I Do if my Dental Implant Feels Loose?
There are several possible reasons why a dental implant can feel loose, including a damaged crown or restoration, gum or tissue infection, and others. If you feel like your dental implant may be loose or wobbly, call to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. In the meantime, avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods that may exacerbate the problem.
What Should I Do if my Dental Crown Falls Out?
If your dental crown falls out, call to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. In many cases, the crown may be able to be reattached. With this in mind, patients should thoroughly rinse the crown and keep it in a safe, dry place until their appointment. If your natural tooth is sensitive or tender now that it is no longer protected by the crown, you can try to use dental/orthodontic wax to temporarily protect it until your appointment. To avoid further irritation or damage, try not to chew with the exposed tooth.
Can a Damaged Dental Crown be Fixed?
In certain cases, a damaged crown can be repaired. For this reason - even when a crown falls out and appears damaged - patients should hold on to it so we can determine whether it may be salvaged or whether a new crown will need to be created. Crowns that sustain lesser damage but remain intact, like a cracked or chipped crown, can often be repaired with minor treatments and procedures, such as dental bonding and contouring.
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