How Can A Dental Bridge Enhance Your Smile?

By: Dr. Fadi Zaknoun


Sometimes, due to accidents or poor dental hygiene, we may lose one or more of our teeth. Not only can this impact our ability to chew and speak well, but it can also make us feel self-conscious. Now, thanks to new advancements in dentistry, there are many ways to enhance your appearance. Dr. Fadi Zaknoun may recommend a dental bridge as an option to bring back the fullness of your smile.

At Cape Cod Dental, a dental bridge is a popular restoration for patients looking to replace missing teeth in Wareham, MA. Call now to book an appointment and learn about this effective solution.

What's a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthesis that takes the place of one or more missing teeth. It consists of two or more custom-made crowns on either side of the gap, called abutment teeth, with a false tooth in between them, known as a pontic. The abutment teeth support the pontic and help hold the bridge in place. Bridges can be made from various materials based on the location of the gap as well as your personal preference.

How are dental bridges placed?

Dr. Zaknoun begins each dental bridge procedure by taking digital x-rays and impressions of your teeth. We want to ensure that your restoration is custom-made to fit comfortably in your mouth. Cape Cod Dental offers numbing medications and sedation options to help you relax during treatment. Bridges can be glued into place or connected to dental implants, which are metal posts that act as artificial tooth roots.

Benefits of a dental bridge for enhancing your smile

In addition to filling in gaps and improving your ability to chew and speak, dental bridges offer a number of benefits for people who want to boost their smile in Wareham, MA. These include:

  • Prevent teeth from shifting: Even small gaps can cause the other surrounding teeth to shift and become misaligned. Dental bridges keep the remaining teeth in place and maintain proper alignment.
  • Restore facial shape: When teeth are missing, some areas of the face can appear sunken or make the jawline look uneven. Dental bridges fill in these areas and restore a more natural facial shape.
  • Improve confidence: A full, healthy smile can boost your self-esteem and make you feel better in social situations. With a dental restoration, you can smile with ease and not worry about hiding missing teeth.
  • Natural appearance: Bridges are custom-crafted to match the color of your natural enamel, making them virtually undetectable. This means no one will be able to tell you have a dental bridge.

Additional factors to consider

While a dental bridge may be an ideal solution for enhancing your smile, it's important to note that it does require proper care and maintenance. This includes brushing and flossing, as well as routine visits with Dr. Zaknoun for check-ups and cleanings. Additionally, if you have underlying oral health issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, Cape Cod Dental will address these beforehand to ensure the best results possible.

Get your smile back at Cape Cod Dental

If you're looking for a reliable and experienced dentist in Wareham, MA, look no further than Dr. Fadi Zaknoun at Cape Cod Dental. With our expertise and modern techniques, we can help enhance your smile with a dental bridge tailored to your needs. Don't let missing teeth hold you back — schedule an appointment in Wareham, MA, and take the first step toward a healthier, more confident appearance.

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