What Can Cause a Dental Crown to Become Loose?

By: Dr. Fadi Zaknoun


Crowns are a very important part of restorative dentistry because they help preserve the health and integrity of our teeth. However, dental restorations can become loose over time due to factors outside our control. These reasons include tooth decay, gum disease, trauma to the teeth, or normal wear and tear.

The good news is that loose crowns are usually easy to fix. If your crown feels loose or wobbly, see an experienced dentist like Dr. Fadi Zaknoun as soon as possible. Leaving this issue untreated can lead to further damage and even tooth loss. Call our Wareham, MA, office today to schedule a dental crown assessment.

What are crowns?

Dental crowns are custom-made caps fitted over a damaged or weakened tooth to restore the shape, size, strength, and appearance of the tooth. They also protect a tooth after a root canal treatment. Crowns are typically made from high-grade ceramic, porcelain over a metal substrate, or precious metals like gold.

What causes a loose dental crown?

There are several reasons why a crown may become loose, including:

  • Tooth decay: If the tooth underneath the crown becomes decayed, it can cause the crown to lose support. We highly recommend maintaining good oral hygiene and seeing Dr. Zaknoun regularly for checkups and cleanings.
  • Gum disease: When gum disease goes untreated, it can lead to bone loss. This can result in a compromised dental crown.
  • Trauma to the teeth: If you experience an injury or trauma to your mouth, it can cause a dental restoration to become loose or even dislodged. In these cases, call Cape Cod Dental right away for emergency treatment.
  • Wear and tear: Over time, natural wear and tear can cause the cement or bonding material around the crown in place to weaken.

How are loose dental crowns fixed?

The treatment for a loose crown will depend on the underlying cause. In most cases, Dr. Zaknoun can re-cement the crown back into place. If there is decay or damage to the tooth, we may need to remove the crown and address the issue before placing a new one. In cases of significant damage, other forms of restorative dentistry may be needed, such as an implant or bridge.

Tips to prevent a loose dental crown

Here are some ways patients in Wareham, MA, can help prevent a loose crown:

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene: Brush and floss to avoid bacteria buildup and prevent tooth decay. Book dental appointments twice a year for a professional cleaning and examination of your dental crown.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods: Chewing on hard or sticky foods like ice, popcorn kernels, and candy can break the cement or bonding material of your crown.
  • Wear a night guard: Grinding your teeth can put excessive pressure on your dental crown. Wearing a night guard can offer some protection.

Ask about dental restorations

Loose dental crowns can be a cause for concern, but with the help of our team at Cape Cod Dental, your smile can be restored. If you have an issue with your crown or are interested in restorative dentistry, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fadi Zaknoun for personalized treatment options in Wareham, MA. Our goal is to provide a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. So don't wait any longer for professional advice and timely treatment.

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