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Individual teeth that have been weakened by moderate tooth decay or damage can generally be fixed using a crown restoration. Our patient-centered dental practice proudly offers these dental restorations to Wareham, MA women and men to help protect and strengthen the aesthetic part of a tooth while regenerating a more natural shape and size. Crown restorations are designed to blend evenly with your teeth and are frequently used to address teeth that are fractured, decayed, oddly shaped, or have additional forms of oral damage. Dental restorations might also be combined into an appliance to function as a bridge or connected to individual implants to treat a tooth that has been lost. Schedule a treatment consultation with our dental team at Cape Cod Dental to determine whether a custom dental crown could restore the health and appearance of your smile.

Dental crowns in Wareham, MA at Cape Cod Dental can restore the appearance and function of your smile with several great benefits, including:

  • Works to save a damaged tooth
  • Restores teeth affected by decay and wear
  • Replaces large and/or worn out fillings
  • Supports teeth with a root canal
  • Improves the appearance of your smile
  • Looks like a natural tooth
  • Relieves tooth pain and sensitivity
  • Strengthens bite function
  • Crowns are durable and long-lasting

Wareham, MA men and women may need to have a crown performed to fix several oral health concerns and restore proper function and aesthetic appeal to a tooth. Some of the more prevalent reasons for requiring a crown are:

  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Erosion or enamel wear
  • Misshapen or deeply stained teeth
  • Moderate-sized cavities
  • Replacement of large, failing fillings
  • Teeth that have been treated with a root canal
  • For the fabrication of a bridge
  • To restore an implant

At Cape Cod Dental, crown restorations are placed on the back and front teeth and might be created from high-grade ceramic or other aesthetic materials, porcelain over a metal substrate, or precious metal (like gold). Our qualified dental professionals can look at your tooth or teeth and help you select the right type of dental crown for your personal dental health needs and aesthetic desires.

The crown procedure for Wareham, MA individuals usually takes place throughout a couple of office visits. At your initial visit, one of our talented dental experts will administer local anesthesia to your tooth and may integrate sedation dentistry services to increase your comfort level if preferred. After the affected tooth structure is removed, an impression of the treated tooth will be taken and used by a professional lab to generate your crown. An interim restoration will be worn on the tooth to sustain oral function and a lifelike aesthetic appeal while your new dental restoration is being crafted. You will need to come back to Cape Cod Dental a couple of weeks later to have the temporary crown taken off and the new crown adhered to the tooth or implant.

Great dentist - This is an honest dentist . I have had bridges crowns and various repairs with him and his work is excellent

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This is an honest dentist . I have had bridges crowns and various repairs with him and his work is excellent

Anonymous Vitals

This is a great practice. From cleanings to crowns, I've been thoroughly satisfied. Highly recommended!

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I have been a patient at Cape Cod Dental for a few years and my wife recently transferred over. All of the staff makes this place run like a well oiled machine. I have had cleanings, fillings, and crowns without issue. If there are any Disabled American Veterans reading this post, look into the VA's pilot program for dental care. You will have a choice of Delta Dental or Met-life at a discounted rate. Cape Cod Dental accepts VA Dental. Roger A. Mello Disabled American Veteran Service Officer

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After it has been placed, your custom dental crown will be adjusted to ensure your bite is comfortable and even. One of our team members will speak with you about the recommended way to clean yournew restoration and demonstrate flossing and toothbrushing practices. During your yearlydental appointments at our Wareham, MA office, one of our experts will trackthe condition of your crown along with yourgeneral oral wellness. When well-cared for, adental restoration should help maintain your tooth's function and appearance for years. If your custom crown ever seems to be unstable or completely falls off, it is best to get in touch with Cape Cod Dental for helpas soon as possible. Trying to fix or reattach it yourself could easily cause damage to your tooth and restoration.

Tooth decay, damaged teeth, and similar complications could be best improved with a custom crown from our Wareham, MA office. This type of dental restoration may help prevent further issues while regaining your normal oral function and a beautiful appearance for your tooth. Contact Cape Cod Dental to schedule a treatment consultation with our dental professionals, and learn if a crown or another restoration is best suited for your smile.

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What are the risks with dental crowns?
There is risk of infection with any semi-invasive procedure. In addition, in rare cases, the gums can fail to integrate the implant. Your provider at Cape Cod Dental will cover all risks with you well before your procedure to make sure you are as informed as possible.
What should I do after my procedure?

You will be give detailed recovery instructions from our Wareham, MA team. Once you are healed, you should maintain regular dental hygiene practices. Keeping up with appointments, along with brushing and flossing, will help to guarantee the longevity of your crowns.

Are my crowns customized?
At Cape Cod Dental, all of our dentistry is customized to fit your exact mouth and teeth. We work hard to assure you are receiving the highest possible quality of care. Contact our office with any additional questions or concerns you may have with your custom dental crowns.
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