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Detachable or implant-held dentures are an efficient method for restoring missing teeth. These helpful restorations can make it more possible to speak and bite into food and revitalize the appearance of your mouth after tooth loss. Dr. Fadi Zaknoun provides full and partial removable and implant-supported dentures for people in Wareham, MA. Complete dentures take the place of each of the teeth in the top arch, lower arch, or both; however, partial dentures are offered if some of the patient's teeth remain in the jawbone. At Cape Cod Dental, our team can help you determine whether removable or implant-supported dentures are appropriate for your dental issues and carefully make them for a nice look and secure fit. Call us for your restoration consultation with Dr. Zaknoun to find out more.

A team member will begin the process by making digital or physical impressions of your top and bottom arches. These impressions will then be forwarded to our partnering dental lab, which will make your personalized dentures. A titanium framework can reinforce full and partial dentures. Made of high-grade materials, dentures are meant to mimic the look of actual teeth and gum tissues. Once your dentures are created and arrive at Cape Cod Dental, we will have you check in for a fitting visit. Dr. Zaknoun will alter your restorations so they fit securely or connect them to already placed titanium posts. We will also review the ideal methods to clean your brand-new dentures.

Carrying out routine functions, like eating and talking, could require a few weeks to feel more comfortable and normal; however, they will become easier as you adjust. In cases where your dentures are slipping, please call Cape Cod Dental so our team can schedule a modification appointment. You will be shown how to take care of your dentures by cleaning them with a delicate brush following every meal and placing them in water nightly to prevent them from becoming too dry. We advise you to stop by our practice for routine checkups so Dr. Zaknoun can inspect your dentures and monitor your oral health.

Who Is A Candidate for Dentures?

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Dr. Zaknoun is the best dentist ive ever had, he listens ,hes very gentle even though i couldnt pay up front and my insurance didnt cover much , Dr. Zaknoun , Nia and his staff went above and beyond to made sure i got dentures before my sons wedding. The care he gives is always excellent! I can't thank them enough!!!

C. Healthgrades

Typical wonderful experience. I'm having new dentures made and I've never before had such expert attention to detail from both Dr. and staff. We hit the jackpot when friends highly recommended we make an appointment.

M.C. Demandforce

Typical wonderful experience. I'm having new dentures made and I've never before had such expert attention to detail from both Dr. and staff. We hit the jackpot when friends highly recommended we make an appointment.

M.C. Demandforce


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Dentures offered at Cape Cod Dental provide a range of benefits for individuals who are missing teeth, renewing oral function and improving aesthetics. Some of the advantages dentures can offer patients in Wareham, MA include:

  • Restoration of regular eating and speech functions
  • Efficient preservation and hygiene
  • Potential advance in digestion
  • Safeguards against facial muscles sinking in
  • Delivers a cost-effective fix for lost teeth
  • Results in natural-looking outcomes
  • Enhancement of facial appearance
  • Flexibility of design choices
  • High-quality for extended functionality
  • Builds self-assuredness
  • Increased clarity of speech
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Restore your capability to chew, talk with new people, and smile comfortably after tooth loss with a custom tooth replacement option. Dr. Zaknoun is thrilled to provide full mouth and partial removable and implant-held dentures to his patients in Wareham, MA. To learn more information on how dentures can reinvigorate your smile, arrange an exam at Cape Cod Dental.

Will my dentures be covered by insurance?

Detachable or fixed dentures may be covered to some degree under many dental insurance plans. Our office will get in touch with your insurance company to figure out your exact coverage; once we do this, we will estimate your additional costs. During your consultation with Dr. Zaknoun, he will cater your treatment plan so your dentures suit your aims and budget. To help make the tooth restoration process even more affordable, Cape Cod Dental accepts multiple types of payments.

Are implant-supported dentures or removable dentures the best choice for me?
The choice between implant-retained dentures and detachable dentures administered at Cape Cod Dental will depend on your personal preferences and if you have sufficient bone density in the jaw. If you want a solution that functions mostly as normal teeth do, and you have enough bone for dental implants, implant-supported dentures may be right for you. If you don’t mind the upkeep associated with removable dentures or you don’t have the bone to support implants or a bone graft, removable dentures may be a better choice.
Do dentures look natural?
When you’ve had substantial tooth loss, getting a custom-made pair of dentures is the ideal way to be able to laugh, smile, speak, and eat like you used to. At Cape Cod Dental, our team will help you choose a shape and shade for your dentures to ensure they match your smile in a way that looks completely natural.
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